We have all started playing games casually in our lives, and slowly taken one of the two paths available as you grow up. You either don’t want to “waste your time” anymore with virtual reality or take the better one and play video games on a hard-core level. If you are one of the second ones, this article is for you.

So, you want to become a better gamer, a hard-core gamer that kills it in your game? Say no more, as we have several tips for you on how to do that.

First, you need to realize that just because it’s a game, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put much attention to it. Everything that you want to be good at requires much attention, and so does video games. There are people already making tons of money because they are really good at playing them, so why can’t you join them?

It is really important to choose your game before anything else. You can’t start off with one game and realize you want to play another one which is totally the different gender. Try to pick a game that has an online version where you can get competitive to show off your skills, and because there are more players playing online games, you will get even better at what you are doing.

With choosing the game, you will also have to choose the perfect controls. For example, you cannot play a shooter game with a joystick as that controller is the worst possible scenario for shooting games. With playing the game, and choosing the right controller for your game, you should stick to that controller to get used to the buttons, the grip and everything you need to master it.

Start at the beginning with the easiest level and with the single player game. If you can’t pass the single player mode you will not survive long in the multiplayer one, therefore an easy way to practice is by starting with the lowest level and slowly advancing forward. You should be aware that at first you will have hard times with the game and the results may not be the ones you are hoping for, but avoid frustration as it will only bring you back, and keep going and pushing!

Always use your free time to study the game and watch videos of skilled gamers playing your selected game. If you find someone that has the similar play style as you do, always watch them, as they can save you a lot of valuable time, will teach you many new skills that would eventually take you years to find out, and you will learn a lot about the game, character and map. The Twitch or YouTube gamers tend to leave tricks and tips that will be very useful.

Remember to be kind to the online players, never provoke prejudges or racism, and enjoy your time play time connecting to other people. Online multiplayer gaming is a big community and you never know when you will step foot in a land where you have an online game pal.

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