Here is a game that will satisfy the thirst of action gamers and the ones that are already familiar with what Ubisoft managed to create – Assassin’s Creed. With nine expansions under its name, we are expecting the 10th one to appear live on October the 27th 2017. As time passes by and deadline comes closer and closer, people, including me, are going crazy about this game. The trailer is already out which shows a massive improvement in Ubisoft and overall in action games’ graphics, storytelling and everything else that comes to your mind. If you have played the previous expansions, you should expect something amazing out of this game.

Assassin’s Creed is an action-adventure game that revolves around the never-ending battle between the Assassin’s and the Templars. The assassins are the ones that are fighting for world peace on free will, while the Templars are the ones that seek to achieve the same thing through control. It is played through the assassin’s eyes, as it is more challenging and interesting as the assassins are largely outnumbered, yet they possess much greater fighting, jumping, riding and many other skills that the Templars are lacking. This makes the gameplay of Assassin’s Creed a fantastic one as you are able to control all these in detail in the game itself.  As the setting and time period of the previous games were happening after one millennium already passed from the new era, Origins travels way back in time. The Assassins are using a machine called the Animus that enters the genetic structure of the person with Assassin’s blood and travels back in time to fight the Templars and reach the ancestors to find out about the Apple of Eden.

Origins will go back in time as no other expansion went, and that’s the Ptolemaic period where you can experience real-time events through the game. Ancient Egypt has always been an attractive destination for many games to travel to and revolve around it. This time, we are travelling back to the time Cleopatra’s Ascent to the throne in 49 BC.

Sail down the Nile and travel through Siwa, the hometown of Bayek, which is the Medjay or protector of the town from threats. As in all series, so in Origins, you fight against the Templars that are controlling the city. A fantastic gameplay and trailer are out for this game, which will definitely make you speechless.


You will leave the hometown to pursuit certain mystery and alongside everything in the game, you will be one of the initiatives and key members that will create the Brotherhood of Assassins. Together with modern-day elements that are running alongside the ancient elements and gameplay. A fantastic mix of two very different settings alongside phenomenal graphics, lights, as one of the elements that have been paid the most attention and music and art that was brought to the game developers by many historians contributing for maximum player experience and amazing gameplay.

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