If you decided to give Virtual Reality a chance, and you have a solid laptop, there are plenty of games which you can play. Instead of trying out random games and see whether you like them, we have a list of games covering several different genders, so pick the one that suits you and give it a shot.

Don’t forget to clear the room from any objects in the middle as the experience can be painful. Also, remember to take a break from the VR more often than you would’ve taken if it was a game played on your PC, Lap Top, Mobile or whatsoever. Your eyes need rest and your brain stabilisation. While doing the break, try this fantastic slot game called Double Bubble to kill time and earn some lucrative prizes. Let’s get going.

Superhot VR

Slow-motion gunfights where you dodge bullets like Matrix and try to shoot your enemies. Superhot VR is a nice version of the original Superhot and everyone that played it and enjoyed will have a lovely time with the VR version as well. Sometimes it can be hard to handle and it is not good for precise gamers and the ones that want everything to be smooth, but in my experience, and the awesome videos posted on YouTube, people are actually having a lot of fun, so check it out.


Rock Band VR

A nice combination of all previous versions of Rock Band directed by Harmonix. Here, you are on a stage with hundreds of people jumping after your guitar skills. And what is different and better from all the other standard rock band or guitar hero like games? There big line of notes is neglected, and instead of that, you play whichever notes you like, and get a score for what you’ve played. So, activate your music cells, throw the fans in insane state and be the best on the stage. The bad thing is that for now it supports the only guitar and there is no multiplayer option.

House of Dying

You are the bad buy, you are the relentless, merciless shapeshifter of the world. Play with the good guys that are trying to stop you and give them something to think about. House of Dying is the awesome space simulation, but it lacks fast action. There aren’t many levels nor a story that can make you fall off the chair. However, once you come to the actual space combat, things are quite interesting, so give it a try and see if it fits you.


The Climb

An Awesome game made for VR where you are taken to some of the greatest cliffs in the world and you need to climb them. This is awesome if you want to see whether this sport is for you before actually trying and without the risk of falling. The game can’t be more realistic as you need to make the right decision by going up, taking a leap and choosing the hand positions perfectly and accordingly. Watch where you are going, it might be slippery!