So, you are sitting on your lunch break at work and the horoscope has nothing new to add for the day. You need something to entertain you for the hour and most of the games need an Adobe Flash Player but you are not allowed to install it on your work computer. We have something for you to try and kill your boredom, apart from the standard, well-known Mermaid Millions Slot Game.

Check out these games that will offer satisfaction if your computer lacks Adobe Flash Player.


Smarty Bubble

This simple game will keep you entertained for hours. Smarty Bubble is the perfect bubble shooter where you need to fire bubbles with different colours and match three of them in order to make them disappear. The more you match, the higher high score you will have, which is the ultimate goal in this game. Keep track of your performance and compete among the other lunch break shooters around the world.


Fruita Crush

Another matching game where you need to match the fruits on the board in order to make them disappear from the screen. This game has a high score, a target and limited number of moves to make things more interesting

Fruita Crush has 100 levels and each of them has its own difficulty and wit three lives you should not make a crucial mistake.



Not much different from Fruita Crush, Jewelish is a matching game with Jewels instead of Fruits. Match as much as possible within the time limit and acquire the highest high score.

The more you match in a row the better results you will have, so play carefully.


Jungle Run

The Endless running platform games are reaching the top in recent years. Some of the most innovative games can be found where you simply run and avoid obstacles. Same with Jungle Run, you are an ape with a crown and you need to collect bananas and other things the apes like while trying to avoid everything that’s in your path.

The game doesn’t have a goal, nor an end so gets ready to run your guts out in the jungle.


Pool Billiard

The billiard games are fun and addictive, and they are really favoured among the online gamers. This time, we point you to a game where no Flash Player is required and you can relax from your home while shooting the balls in the holes.

The green table is perfect for the eyes, the high score will make you more competitive and remember that there is always room for fun tricks and cool shots that you can try with your co-workers.



As you might have guessed by the name, it’s the old, but gold Tetris game. Blocks falling from above require your attention and you need to position them well enough at the bottom so that they make a line and disappear.

The game keeps track of your score which you can later upload and compare with the other people that are also bored at lunch at work.