The Game called Cut the Rope was a sensational hit, and many of the youngsters (which was intended to be target audience) and adults (some people just never grow up) had a fantastic time.

Now, the developers of Cut the Rope decided it was time for a second version of the game called (take a wild guess) Cut the Rope 2 and it can be found on the Android market for less than a dollar.

The game is battling its way to the top of the charts on all app stores where only positive feedback is received. How come? The easy and smooth gameplay with amazing fun monsters that are battling their way to reach the sweets and you interfering in their desires and cutting their dreams like a rope. Wait, that’s what you really do. Your job is to swing and cut the ropes in the right order and pass the levels with the help of physics and gravity. The monster called Om Nom is waiting in a corner for you to do your magic on the screen and award him the sweet by dropping it right in his mouth. Although the game is fun, a bit of childish and cartoonish touches are all over the screen, it offers a nice challenging level that every game desires a game should have.

Unlike the first version, Cut the Rope 2 has few modifications that brought life and versatility to the game. Here, your job remains the same, to bring the candy to Om Nom’s mouth, but some levels have obstacles that you have to overcome in some different way. For example, sometimes you would need to move Om Nom to a balloon and fly on top of the map, other times you’d have to move several other objects in order for the candy to reach its destination. In other words, a more challenging and logic ways have been implemented that will most definitely keep you entertained.

There are many games out there on the market that are offering same or similar goods to the players. One of them is Double Bubble Slots, and the design is very similar to Cut the Rope 2. Bubbles, candies and a lot of entertainment is what you will get while spinning the reels of this slot game. The better thing here is that you have an amazing chance to win lucrative prices and go home happier than ever. Just play the game through some of our sites and you will find free spins and even more bonuses that we offer, so take this chance and experience the game at its finest.

Double Bubble doesn’t offer a help from the in-game friends like Cut the Rope 2, as in this version of the game Om Nom receives several friends that are helping you and him in the constant, non-stop pursuit for the sweets. Who wouldn’t be? They taste delicious! Give this game a try and let us know what your thoughts are.