After a great success in the coldest, yet most inspiring peninsula in Europe with their movies and TV, Nordic Noir decided to head dive into the gaming world as their inspiration goes wild. And why wouldn’t they be? Their films are a great success, and in Norway, they are really popular, which gave them the courage and required push to dive in the gaming waters. Ole Sondberg speaks about the company and how they are trying to develop it and adapt the characters that already exist for the gaming market. They have had a great feedback with the US and Norwegian film version of the popular “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”.

There are signs of the first game that they are preparing in a small Danish studio called Investigate North. In cooperation with them, Sondberg works on a piece of art that is entitled as Aporia: Beyond the Valley. It is a first-person adventure game that offers exploring and travelling around the valleys but the most interesting thing that they are hoping they will bring attention to the game is the storytelling. Since the title is not catchy and there has to be something else in the story, and the way the story is told without any text or dialogue is what is the most exciting thing for the game – they are using puzzles instead.

Working closely with Niels Wetterberg, which is Investigate North’s Creative Director, Newsbeat learned that the Danish film industry has become well-known for all the producers and directors, and they are able to come with all the necessary information to produce the games that the market is searching for, and they probably found the key!

According to the film industry, people simply love mystery. And so far, in the gaming world, mystery games haven’t been much popular as there aren’t many companies with the key to success in mystery gender. Last game that was able to produce such a successful game was Rockstar Games with their hit LA Noire back in 2011 which could be considered as a Triple-A mystery game, and the last on the market. They decided to add a little touch of their own in the game, and that is telling stories about humanity that are pretty dark, but they will always go alongside the main mystery theme undercurrent.

Everyone in the office has positive thoughts about their new project and they explain what they do as a result of their genes. It’s in the Nordic blood to tell stories a little bit differently than what the rest of Europe and the World are used to. They are pretty confident that their plan will be working out and they will keep using the same techniques and strategy as the film industry as it turned out to be a big success. Let’s hope we can play one of the best mystery games developed by Nordic Noir in the future.

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