Nowadays, it is hard to find a game that will make a massive difference in the gaming world, and that will be finger pointed and prised. Games simply come and go, they get to the top of their career, to the peak of the graph mountain, and a sudden vanishing happens, and they are nowhere to be found. But there are games that have endured the punching of time on their content, graphics and design, and are able to stay longer on the market, and in the players’ hearts.

There are many examples of these kinds of games, where we can put Cleopatra Slot Game or Angry Birds, but today we are going to talk about one classic game called Plants Vs. Zombies.

Plants VS Zombies created a hype that was well accepted all over the world. This game is one of the cheapest games that can be found on the market (Less than a dollar) but still managed stick around for a really long time.

When it comes to the gameplay of the game, Plants VS. Zombies is something similar to tower defence, except this game the zombies are going towards the object in a straight, forward line. You are playing with the plants, and your goal is to build and plant plants in order to stop the zombies from reaching the left side of the screen.

The more you play, the more advanced the zombies are becoming, and it’s harder for you to stop them. They will come walking, running, flying on balloons and with helmets and other protective items on them. As you go through the game, the level will get higher and higher. But you also have a nice army of flowers that you can use for the zombies. As the game goes by, it becomes dark, and in dark different flowers are used to stop the zombies, which are more effective in the dark.  A rather interesting gameplay that may take several attempts for you to figure out how to play, but eventually you will get the deal.

Even though it’s a game about zombies, the graphics make I look great, and it sounds fantastic as well. This game has nice visual effects and soothing music which contributed to the game’s popularity and it’s one of the reasons why it still stays on the peak after many years.

Plants VS. Zombies is a fantastic game you have to try. With a unique gameplay that inspired many of the later top games like Tower Defence and many other similar games on mobile platforms, it can surely cope with the giant games, although it’s one of the smallest games that managed to still be played after such time. Other quick play, puzzle, mini-games that are with the same, or even larger size managed to go down and vanish, but Plants VS. Zombies is something that you should definitely try. Bloom the flowers, stop the horde of the zombies and get the best high-score to brag to your friends.