We haven’t had a game that shocked the world in a while, that made every game talk about it, and that made a big contribution to the gaming community. We haven’t had something to trigger the competitive sense in us for a while, and that could be there constantly with its normal everyday games what others could achieve only when major tournaments are there. Now we have!

Meet PlayerUnknown’s attack – a massive online multiplayer game that is moving the boundaries of online game playing. How do we know that? Read below to find out.

If we can lean on one of the best result suppliers in the gaming world, Twitch, we can see that for three years there hasn’t been a single game on the website that was able to beat League of Legends in total hours watched. Well, when we said boundaries are moving, we meant that. 2017, Week 32 was the first week where League of Legends was beaten by a game that wasn’t supported or pushed by a top tier Esports event, and no event whatsoever was held for PUBG that week. It managed to reach 16,9 million hours watched, in comparison to two million hours less by Lol.

PUBG is already Steam’s most played non-Valve game, and it is already known that the game has over 25,000 years of playtime under its name. Bluepoint, the developer of POBG, came out with some interesting statistics about the game and achievements that all the players together achieved. For example, a funny number is the meters that the players travelled in the game, which is 2,307,042,079,214 meters overall, a distance that could be walked from here to Saturn and back, and it was achieved in 10,255,021 games. Or this one – the longest distance of a kill was over 6,000 meters.

Having in consideration that the game went live on 17th of March, and it’s not yet fully released on PC and Xbox One, these results are here to show you how the comparison and margins will be when the game is completely out somewhere by the end of the year.

What is the most astonishing fact is that 4% of all PC playtime for July belongs to PUBG. This is the most in a month since World of Warcraft was at its peak. In China, it went double from the previous month, reaching 14,5% while in the US it reached 16%, and we all expect these numbers to grow.

For the ones that aren’t familiar with the game, which isn’t strange since it’s out for a few months now, it’s a battleground game where you are deployed from a carrier aeroplane to a random map location with nothing but your clothes on. You need to search for weapons, equipment, vehicles and everything to survive while blowing killing blows to opponents. The map is really huge, so as time passes by, slowly you are moving to a certain location in the middle, trying to be the last man standing. It’s a perfect game for coordination, skill show-off, aim and everything else that is required in a shooter online game. Check it out if you still haven’t!

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