As a hardcore gamer in the past, and a personal experience with this issue, I decided to explain why PC gaming is better compared to console gaming, and there are several reasons backing up my decision.

At the end of the day, it’s all about personal interests and how you imagine your perfect gaming situation. But if you disagree with my opinion, leave yours in the comment box below the video.

Let’s take a look at the reason why I think this way:



There is no doubt that console graphics need to go a long way up before they can compare to the PC ones, as the difference is obvious. Because still, the hardware parts of the PC can outperform the ones in XO or PS4, they Pc gamers can set the graphics to a higher level while still experiencing a smooth, gentle and enjoyable playtime.



When you compare the stores that PC (Steam) and the Xbox and PS4, Steam Offers a lot more options. Among other things, you can buy games, browse, launch, compare and read reviews. You can wait for a certain promotion where the games and packages are almost free.



If you decide to play a multiplayer game from a PC, it’s completely free. All you need is an internet connection, while if you want to do that on an Xbox console, you need to pay £60 a year. Unnecessary money that eventually, after many years, end up in a big number which you can use to upgrade your PC and have better gaming experience.


Number of Games

These are some games that are specific and can be played on console only, like Horizon Zero Dawn for PS4, but when it comes to quantity and deep pool of games, nothing beats PC. There are tons of games that are available for PC, and some of the most played video games could never be played on consoles such as League of Legends, World of Warcraft, DayZ, Eve and much more.


Game Mods

There are unique game mods developed by players that are only available for PC users and PC games, whether the game is online or not. The latest and best example that we can see is an exploding Samsung 7 in GTA V online version, and it is quite an interesting thing that puts PC gaming one step further away from console gaming.


Freedom of Choice

You are free to choose the console you want for games that you want. For example, Keyboard and mouse offer the perfect grip and movement, and aiming is not a problem, while aiming on a Console joystick can be sluggish and tricky.


New Tech

You can always upgrade your PC with latest parts lowly, while the consoles become Obsolete quickly and you have to get the new version and throw or sell the current one cheap. What is even better, constructing your PC is fun and addictive. As an addition, you can add neon lights or water colours to it and make it unique.

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