As the Virtual Reality is becoming more and more popular, and the gaming experience with the same enlarges, the need for rooms equipped and prepared for the VR is becoming a common thing. And since this is a new field for many gamers as the overall technology and experience are new, many of us can make a crucial mistake. And we are not talking about the mistakes that can lead to breaking some of the equipment that you own, but since the VR is basically transferring you to another reality while playing, you can completely lose it and end up in the hospital with broken bones.

We will be talking about the VR’s that are tethered PC such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, which offer a fantastic room-scale experience, and while we do so, Give the KaiserSlot Magazine a change and see which games are the most interesting ones there.


Size Matters

In the VR world, size is everything. You can play with a 1m squared but the experience will be rubbish and you will constantly be thinking that you will hit something, so you won’t experience the whole VR effect. The recent statistics show that half of the VR users have a room that is around 5m square and they are experiencing the VR world in a solid manner, but they could use a bit more space to enlarge the experience. It all depends on the model of the VR that you are using as well, as the HTC suggest not more than 5m while the Oculus Rift area is a little bit smaller and because of the range of the camera, it won’t track your movement out of reach.

Never forget to set at least one meter extra between the VR boundaries and the actual wall as sometimes it will happen that you stay inside the walls but push your hand through them, and if you have some valuable object, you can say goodbye to it.


Sensor Placement

Two corners of the playing area faced towards the middle of it are the best setup for the HTC Vive. They come with support and moveable rods that can be placed in the corners, and even if you decide to move the playground, you won’t need to drill new holes, which is a big advantage.

The Oculus Rift, on the other hand, has a debatable position of the sensors, but according to the experience of the people, it should be positioned similarly to the HTC. Many different setups can be used for the Oculus, and it is up to you to find out the best.


Reflection and Sunlight

The sensors of the VR are extremely affected by reflective surfaces. While the HTC censor signal can bounce around and reflect, the Oculus one gets confused and sends different signals to the computer. If you want the perfect gaming experience you must remove or cover the TV, Monitors, Picture Frames, and shiny sofas. Everything that can reflect a signal should be covered. It is better to use a soft blanket as it might save the item from being punched if you are playing some action game.