In the past few years, the endless runner games have managed to grab the attention of many gamers. You play the game by simply running through the stage and try to avoid the obstacles that are here to stop you. The whole point is to climb as high as you possibly can on the leaderboard and get to the top spots with players from all around the world.

There are many games that offer the same thrill of running, and it all started with Subway Surfers back in the days. You either get chased by something, or you run towards something, but the main goal is the same – run as far as you can.

Often, as you progress through the game and you achieve a higher score, the speed of the running is increased, but on the other hand, you have several bonuses and interesting items that you can collect and will make your path easier. Check the Mermaid Millions Online Slot before you start running so that you can feed your soul with some amazing cash helped by free spins and bonuses. You won’t be disappointed.

Now, after the chill time, it’s time to run. Tie your shoes and let’s head on to the adventure.


Alto’s Adventure

Currently the best and most popular runner game on the market – Alto’s Adventure. It’s easy to see why because it offers a fantastic gameplay and variety of things down the road. This game, unlike many of the other runner games, is played from the side of the player. As you go down the mountainside while skiing, you collect running llamas, take the coins on your way that will help you upgrade your character and gameplay overall, and try to do amazing tricks when there is a long jump which will reward you with fantastic bonuses. Simple misty design with easy one finger control over the whole action is why this is the top running game at the moment.


Into the Dead

The world is overpopulated with the dead. You are waking up after a disaster that shocked the world and turn everything dark. You get up and immediately the dead start running towards you. What in the world are you going to do when thousands of dead are after you than run?

A first-person game that lets you collect weapons, jump, avoid the hands of the dead that will stop you in your running away and do whatever it takes to stay alive. An interesting, adrenaline triggering game that you have to try.



A unique endless running game that is set on Mars. Unlike most of the running games where you need to follow a certain track and you are limited with your choice of running, Mars leaves a room for your creativity and lets you jump from a platform to a platform while running forward only.

Take selfies with your character and try to last as much as possible to climb on top of the online leaderboard.